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Nov 22nd, 2017, 9:37am
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Auditions/Casting Call (Read 1055 times)
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Auditions/Casting Call
Oct 27th, 2005, 5:06pm
'A Winter Tale'
Leda Serene Films is seeking actors for a low budget feature revolving around gun violence in Toronto to be shot this winter. The Project will also be mounted as a theatre production.  Rehearsals will begin mid December 2005 and go into production in January 2006, and will be mounted on stage in February 2006.  Actors must be experienced in the conditions and requirements of low-budget production, flexibilty and talent.  Actors will be paid for their work according to ACTRA and Equity union regulations.
Storyline: Shots ring out one winter night, and a bullet meant for a local street dealer finds and kills a nine year-old boy. Shock, sorrow, and suspicion ripple through the neighborhood, and begins to tear the community apart. In this tense and volatile atmosphere, GENE WRIGHT, a 40-something social worker is called on by the city to form a 'support group for young black men. What he pulls together is much more rough and real than anything the city ever envisioned. Gene believes that what is needed is some personal space where they can face honestly the fear, trauma, and grief they experience every day. The group begins to meet nightly at the local Caribbean take- away, Miss G's and it quickly becomes a space of humour, ribaldry, "old talk" and some brutal truths. Under Miss G's watchful eye, the men begin to carve pathways to their own healing and that of the community. The group includes: DX a high school dropout headed down a dangerous road; Ian, a upwardly mobile chef who has left the 'ghetto' far behind, or so he thinks; Doc, an African refugee, drawn more deeply than he wants into the pandemic of violence; Lloyd, whose charm belies a life built on manipulation and crime; Clip, whose personal demons haunt his struggle to be normal; and Sibea, a Muslim convert seeking a brighter future. As will happen in any support group meeting, anger, fear, and defensiveness give way to tentative openness. Secrets about the shooting begin to emerg, and DX is implicated because his friend, Mickey, now lies in the hospital; shot in the stomach at the time of the child's murder. As DX becomes the central focus, opposing interests vie for the loyalty of this promising and turbulent man's soul. He has a young girlfriend, Rain and a son, and badly wants to complete high school and build a good life for them. But he is also inextricably tied to the lifestyle and cycle of violence, drugs, and gang loyalties. When it becomes clear that he holds the key to the killer's identitiy, even greater pressures come to bear on him. Against the backdrop of the unrealized hopes, in a multi-racial, working class community, the film is at times bitter and hopeful, tragic, funny and sad. The story is firmly rooted in the life of the community, and Toronto itself features itself as a central character.
Director:   France-Anne Solomon (“Lord Have Mercy”, Vision TV)
Producers: Michelle Lonsdale-Smith, Frances-Anne Solomon, Susan Fueg
YAMAH: Middle eastern woman in her early to mid twenties.  Quiet and shy, beautiful, distant, and unattainable.
RAIN: Mixed race 18 year-old woman, DX’s girlfriend.  Young, caring mother trying to build a family and give her son the best chance she can.  Strong and passionate, yet she has a cutting edge to her character, she’s raw, tough, and also very streetwise.
CHARMAINE:  38 year-old black mother.  She cares desperately about her teenaged son, DX, and worries he is headed down a dangerous road. Must be able to do a Caribbean accent.
ELAINE:  Mixed race or Chinese woman, 36.  Busy working mother struggling with finding a balance.
Please forward headshots/resumes by email to the attention of   Babs Jona at leda_Serene_Films@yahoo.ca by Friday November 11th 2005 5pm.  Thank you.
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